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Registered in England, Company Number 09334030

Registered Office:

5 Amelia Court, Retford, Notts DN22 7HJ


Our Assurances

Nut Free Chocolate People Ltd has in place full traceability and trackability of all products and supplies, including written nut free assurances from all suppliers.  We have worked hard with Trading Standards and Food Standards to ensure that we comply throughout our production process.

The production area is free from peanuts, tree nuts as well as free from nut traces.

The personnel do not come into contact with nuts or nut traces. We do not eat nuts nor do we use any products which use nut oils or have cross contamination. Utensils, dish cloths etc are kept separate from our home kitchen equipment and are washed and stored separately.  We have nothing with nuts or nut traces in our house or in our kitchen, where the chocolate is prepared, so there is no danger of any cross contamination.

Regular reviews are undertaken to ensure the nut free process is maintained in full.

Chocolate and associated ingredients are sourced from reputable companies who have provided written assurances that their products  

are free from nuts and nut traces. The chocolate couvertures used are produced in a nut free environment.

We request written confirmation that all products are free from nuts and nut traces, including all ingredients, detergents, sterilising products, hand soap, washing tablets, gloves for handling the chocolates, all equipment used. This list is not exhaustive, but indicative of the measures we take to ensure our chocolates truly are free from nuts and nut traces.

Our kitchen is a closed environment, and is only used by the family and never by anyone who may have come into contact with nuts or nut traces.

After reading this we hope you feel confident that we are taking appropriate measures to provide nut free products in a nut free environment. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at information@nutfreechocolatepeople.com.