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Boxed Chocolates

Our chocolates have undergone a bit of a revamp recently and we hope you like the new look. They are now boxed in matching black lid and base, with a triangular window so you can see the delicious goodies inside.  There are three ***boxes*** to choose from, available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate. All handmade to order; please click the links below for order details.  


***Please Note: The boxes are manufactured in a nut free environment but the supplier is unable to provide written nut free assurances.  They have provided verbal assurances***

Handbags & Gladrags

A beautiful box dark or milk chocolate handbags, fans and high heeled shoes.  Available in boxes of 12 (75g), or 24 (150g) chocolates.

Please click here to order.    

Tea Time Delights

This gorgeous chocolate selection

comprises a teapot, teacup, biscuit,

honey pot, cup cake, and mantle

clock.  Available in boxes of

12,(80g) or 24 (160g) chocolates .

Please click here to order.

Boxed Solid Foiled Hearts

Show you care with a delicious box of solid foiled hearts available in boxes of 12 (120g), or 24 (240g) chocolates.

Please click here to order.

Chocolate Heaven

Heaven in a tin for any chocoholic!  This fabulous tin contains a mixture of assorted chocolates comprising dark chocolates, milk chocolates, white chocolates, tri-chocolates and assorted fondants.

Please click here to order.