Chocolate Wishes ® is a registered Trade Mark.

Chocolates are manufactured by Chocolate Wishes ©  (Nut Free Chocolate People)


 Retford Enterprise Centre, Randall Way, Retford, Notts, DN22 7GR.  

We’ve had a blast but it’s time to say farewell ....

From the very first moment we realised we could actually make chocolate. From the excitement of

thinking ‘can we do that?’ to thinking ‘yes, we can!’ Making the first batch, ordering supplies and

our first little machine, creating our own website, products and packaging; the thrill of a live

website and receiving our very first order. And the delight at getting repeat customers! They like

us!! From the first Christmas, when we had more orders than we ever dreamed of. From gaining

support from the author who first planted the idea and the excitement of being able to use the

name Chocolate Wishes. From launching our Kickstarter project and getting more funding than we

asked for. The thrill of being invited on Dragon’s Den!

The thrill of supplying luxury cruise liners with Easter and Christmas goodies we couldn’t tell you

about, but everyone knows their names. The joy at winning Jacqueline Gold’s WOW Award. The first

time we saw our products in a shop! And being sold online. And those joyous repeat orders. The

opportunity of being able to work together as a family and share in the ups and downs. The

jumping up and down with excitement when Holland & Barrett contacted us asking to stock

our chocolates. The lovely, lovely customers we chatted to online and shared stories with. The

fabulous compliments we received. The endless hours at Christmas and Easter when we often

worked 48 hours without sleep (and often without food) so no one missed out on their treats.

The delight of working with not one, but two authors, as we think books and chocolate go together

like fish and chips! Going ‘on tour’ with The Addams Family Musical’. And finally the sheer delight in

seeing many of our customers come back year after year after year. Thank you so much for sharing

this fabulous journey with us, and we wish every one of our wonderful customers all the very best

for the future as we hang up our chef whites and sit down to take our breath and recover. Hopefully

we may be back some day, until then, stay safe and stay nut free - always,

From the Nut Free Chocolate People Family